Defcon 5 Einsatzhandschuhe mit Armortex



Hersteller Defcon 5

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Produktinformationen "Defcon 5 Einsatzhandschuhe mit Armortex"


Einsatzhandsche mit schnitthemmender Armortexeinlage

Defcon 5 / Eagle Claw


Handschuhe in hervorragender Verarbeitung und Passform mit sehr gutem Kontakt beim Greifen,


Handinnenfläche 4-fach verstärkt mit Nylon,  außen mit Leder 0,7 – 0,8mm dick besetzt,


Fingergelenke und Armstulpen mit 2mm Neoprene abgedeckt und mit Nylon unterfüttert


Hand- und Fingerinnenflächen mit Armortex gefüttert,


Schnittschutz höchste Klasse, nach EN 388 klasse 5



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Hersteller-Beschreibung "Defcon 5"

Defcon5 company was founded by experienced members of the military business sector in the acquisition and sale of military products. We, therefore, strive to maintain a good rapport in quality and price of our manufactured merchandise—for our established clientele, as well as for newly interested customers.

The name, DEFCON, means Defense Condition. In the USA, its military practice is used to indicate a prepared level of defense for

peace or war time condition.

The Defense Alarm Condition is decided by the American President and his military staff-Generals of the Land, Sea and Air Armed

Forces. This condition is used to coordinate all the military Forces for an operational defense or attack during a conflict.

The Defense Condition includes 5 levels, of which were written in the Oval Room of the White House for all established military

Headquarters. According to whichever Defense Condition level that is declared, every military trained soldier must be promptly prepared and appropriately equipped for whatever task is warranted to comply or confront.

From August 2007, DEFCON 5 was signed in the list of NATO Authorized Dealers and was given the NATO CAGE CODE AG427.

This means that our quality products have been inspected, tested, and determined qualified for competitive manufacture and sale


For this, some of our products supplied to military Units in NATO and UN missions, are codified with the NSN codeDefCon in an acronym used in the United States which indicates the Defense Condition, that is to say the status of peace or war of the USA towards another country.

Seit dem 10.Juli 2013 ist Defcon 5 UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 zertifiziert.


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